In our studio in Upplands Väsby we can record everything including drums.. We have on multiple occasions recorded a full band.
We have a spacious sound booth used for recording voice over, strings, brass, acoustic guitar etc.
We work in Logic Pro X, Reaper and Pro Tools.

The price for renting the studio starts at 300kr/h not incuding technician, for technician 500kr/h is added.
Price includes tax for individuals  but not for companies.

Contact me for more information about prices etc.


Computer: Mac mini 2,5ghz, 16gig ram, thunderbolt.
Studio monitors: 2pcs.Genelec 1030A + Yamaha HS8s sub.
Mixer: Mackie d8b modded mixer as DAW controller with monitor section.
Soundcard: Focusrite Clarett 8preX (thunderbolt).
Channelstrip: Focusrite ISA 430 mk2.
Microphones: Neumann TLM 49, Røde NT1A. Shure sm57, sE Electronics sE5 matched pair, sE Electronics sE X1 D.
Keybaord: M-audio Keystation 88 mk2.
Headphones: Audio technica ath mx50x, Akg k271 mk2, Marshall monitor.
We also have an array of acoustic and electric guitars, electic bass, cajun etc.



Recording and mixing.

Audio production. All speech and sounds are recorded in our studio.

Spotify songs I have recorded and produced.