At Jelipro you can rent audio, light and dj equipment for weddings, partys and all types of events.

All cables needed are included in the prices.



1pcs QSC K12 including stand and protective bag. (1.200 kr/day)

Powerful 12-inch 2-way speaker with 1.000W RMS, 131dB, 48Hz-20.000Hz. Weight 18,6 kg.

Built in 2-channel mixer with easy connection of multiple sources..
Channel A Input: XLR / jack combination socket, Mic / Line switchable, gain control, signal LED.
Channel B Input: XLR / jack combination socket and 2 x RCA jacks L / R, line input, gain control, signal LED
Channel A + B output XLR.
EQ modes ”DEEP” for deep bass without use of a sub, and ”vocal” for precise vocal performance.





QSC KW181 including protective bag. (1500 kr/day)

Incredibly powerful 18-inch subwoofer with 1.000W RMS, 135dB, 37 Hz-129 Hz. Veight 40 kg.
Perfect complement for the K12 to make the ground shake.

EQ ”normal” och ”deep” modes.
4st 76mm transport wheels for easy moving.

qsc k12
2pcs QSC K12 including stands and protective bags. (2.000 kr/day)

This package consists of 2 K12 speakers, bags and stands.

Very powerful system with a total power of 2.000W RMS.
Suitable for 40-80 guests.



qsc k12 + qsc kw181

2pcs QSC K12 + 1pcs QSC KW181 Sub including stands and protective bags. (3.000kr/day)
Extremely powerful system with a total power of 3.000W RMS.
Including stand for mounting one k12 on top of the subwoofer
Suitable for 80-200 guests.





Traktor s4

Traktor S4 mk1 DJ-controller including case. (500kr/day)

Incredibly easy to use 4 decks DJ-controller, Plug and play usb controller for Traktor DJ software.
Tons of effects, loop record etc.

(Computer and software not included)


Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer

Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer. (100kr/day)

This mixer has everything you need to deliver outstanding audio in any environment..
It has 8 inputs (2 mic, 2 stereo and Aux returns). Preamps with studio quality and excelent EQ.




Shure trådlös


Shure wireless microphone. (250kr/day)

Amaxing microphone with a very natural soundcapture.
The receiver is plugged in to a mixer or speaker using XLR.



Shure sm58


Shure SM58 microphone. (100kr/day)
Legendary microphone used on all stages around the world.
It sound amazing and is extremely durable and reliable.




Contact me for more information about prices etc.